Why would you want to go on an event with Winnebago Outdoor Adventures?

The following are some of the comments sent in from our event participants:

• The planning is all done for us.
• The security of having hosts and tailenders.
• A chance to make new friends.
• The convenience of door-to-door bus travel.
• Received excellent value for our money and time.
• Stress-free travel.
• Seeing places we would not take the time to see on our own.
• Hosts, tour guides, drivers were the best! I might add to this that there are several rallies where we have the best guides in the area who may have retired, or people who we have found that have more knowledge of the area than anyone, who will only do tours for WOA.
• The side trips were all very good and well organized.
• Friendly people.
• Rally host and assistants were very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and willing to assist.
• The marvelous food and tours!
• The variety of events were excellent, and we got a lot for our money.
• Well organized, constant follow-ups, good teamwork, outstanding tour.
• The overall professional handling of the tour.
• We have taken escorted European tours, all-inclusive cruises with tours, and other travel, and this by far has been one of our best experiences.