What do I need to do to get ready for our trip?

Information about what to expect during your trip, emergency phone numbers, a list of campgrounds with their addresses, proper clothing attire, and other necessities you will want to bring will be included in your Sneak Preview sent out by e-mail approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of the event. Your Sneak Preview will inform you of the following:

• The names of your event hosts
• Name, phone number, and directions to the rendezvous campground
• The time you can begin checking into the campground
• Time of event orientation
• A day-by-day outline of what to expect during the event
• Proper dress for the event
• What weather to expect during the event
• Hookups provided at each campground
• Number of meals provided
• An Emergency Data Sheet for each guest to fill out. Your hosts will carry the Emergency Data Sheets with them at all times in case you are in need of medical treatment
• A list of people attending the event in case you may want to caravan with a person from your state, or perhaps see who else is attending the event
• Information on cancellation insurance
• A list of campgrounds with addresses and phone numbers for you to leave with a relative or friend to be able to contact you in case of an emergency
• A Special Needs Sheet for you to inform the office staff and hosts of a special need or handicap. You will fill this sheet out and give to your hosts at orientation.