Is there anything else I should know?

In signing up for an adventure or caravan, please be aware of the following:

• It is very important you inform the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures office staff of your special needs including special diets before the tour begins. Come prepared to substitute your own food if vendors will not substitute certain foods for you.
• You are required to have a care provider with you throughout this event if you are not able to conduct essential life functions necessary in participating on an adventure or caravan, such as driving a motorhome in a safe and proper manner, maintaining normal care and maintenance of motorhome, walking without assistance, or good vision.
• The care provider is responsible for assisting you with your special needs.
• Scooters can be loaded into the bus bays, and wheelchairs are to be collapsible. When the bus is not able to accommodate a scooter or wheelchair, the guest can drive his/her tow car or not participate in the event.