Gary Petersen

Gary is a retired U.S. Air Force survival/rescue instructor. While in the Air Force he took night classes and after retiring went back to college, finishing his degree. Working a 2nd career allowed him to retire again in 2014. His 1st camping vehicle was a rented tent camper in 1969. Owning several camping trailers and a 5th wheel over the years, he upgraded to a Winnebago Voyage motorhome. Gary is now a full time RVer and the Winnebago is home. His first Caravan was the Grand Circle in 2009. After several caravans/adventures, he trained as a tail-ender on the Up State New York Caravan in 2015. His relaxation: helping on his cousin’s farm, volunteering with Habitat for Humanities, spoiling grand kids on both the east and west coast and occasionally photography, biking, hiking and golfing.

  • Event 2017 Great American Music Caravan

    May 2 - May 19, 2017

    Enjoy a toe-tapping, finger-snapping good time touring some of the most famed musical cities in America!