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Winnebago Outdoor Adventures offers carefree travel hosted by professionally trained guides to incredible destinations all in the comfort of your own RV. Our guides are seasoned, proud Winnebago product owners and WIT Club members who love to share their experiences with other RVers. Our Iowa-based Event Administrators have established connections across North America planning RV caravans and city adventures since 1988. You experience the adventure, we’ll do the rest!

  • Event Host: Jerry and Sue Argabrite

    Jerry and Sue Argabrite

    Jerry and Sue have been WIT Club members since 2004 and hosts for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures (formerly WIT Club Tours) since 2011. You may also see them working the front gate at GNR. Jerry, Sue, and their Australian Shepherd, Cooper, love traveling through our beautiful country, Canada, and Mexico seeing the sights, visiting with friends, and making new friends along the journey.

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  • Event Host: Paul and Kathy Miller

    Paul and Kathy Miller

    Paul & Kathy Miller have been involved in the Winnebago Outdoor Adventure Program (WIT) as WOA staff on caravans and rallies since 2009. We purchased our first Winnebago in 2001 and learned about the program while participating in our first rally in 2003. Our greatest satisfaction as a volunteer in the program is meeting and making new friends while seeing this beautiful country. In particular, we enjoy learning about the culture and history of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico on our travels. We have been guests on 13 different events and have served as event staff on 8 other events. We have been asked several times which event has been our favorite. The answer always is “the one we are currently on.”

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  • Event Host: Dave and Donna Rumrill

    Dave and Donna Rumrill

    Dave & Donna Rumrill have been members of the WIT Club since 1995. They have been active in both MA and FL chapters. They both retired from the Massachusetts Dept. of Correction in 2000 and lived full time in a Winnebago Adventurer for 5 1/2 years touring the USA & Canada. They went on their first caravan in 2003 (Great River Road) as parkers, and decided right then that they wanted to become Hosts! They trained as hosts in 2005 on the Atlantic Canada Caravan and the Florida Sunshine Rally, and have been on 25 events so far. They really enjoy hosting WOA events and their philosophy is "we treat our participants the way we would want to be treated".

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  • Event Host: Mike and Kathie Todd

    Mike and Kathie Todd

    Mike retired as Manager from the Kroger Company’s Regional Office, and Kathie retired as a Manager for Deluxe Check Printer in Houston, having moved there from Michigan and New York respectively. We joined WIT in 2001, where we served as officers in our local chapter also Mike served as Treasurer and President of our Texas W state club; followed by Kathie’s election as President. We have volunteered at the front gate at GNR since 2007 where we enjoy greeting everyone. We trained as tailenders on the Grand Circle in 2011 and completed host training in 2012 on San Antonio Fiesta. In July, we sold our house in Willis, Texas and moved into our 2014 Journey to begin our adventure as Full Timers. We love the friendships made on WOA events look forward to seeing many of you on an upcoming event.

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  • Event Host: CW and Denise Harris

    CW and Denise Harris

    CW & Denise have been members of the WIT Club since 2005. They have been event hosts for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures since 2011. They have been active in both OK chapters and the state club. CW retired from the US Air Force and the aerospace industry. Denise was a mortgage loan consultant and teacher. They went on their first WOA trip in 2010 and trained on the Grand Circle Caravan in 2011. They have been on 12 events so far and really enjoy the new friends they meet when hosting WOA events.

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  • Event Host: Dan and Patty Johnson

    Dan and Patty Johnson

    We live in McCordsville, IN, a small farming community about 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Dan retired from the local school system as a middle school administer. Patty retired from a career in nursing, spending her last five years with Eli Lilly and Company in the diabetes research and clinical trial division. We spend our winters in Ellenton, FL, a small community about an hour south of Tampa. We enjoy golfing, playing cards, traveling, camping, church activities, and spoiling our grandsons. We have been leading caravans and rallies since 2006. Prior to joining Winnebago Outdoor Adventures, we were the International Event Hosts for SunnyBrook RV for five years. We enjoy traversing North America from Nova Scotia to Alaska and all points in-between. We both grew up camping with our families, and like many of you have transitioned from a tent to a pop-up to a trailer to a fifth-wheel and now to a Winnebago Sightseer. We are very excited about being part of the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures team. Nothing brings us more joy than to have a group of people sharing travel stories, laughing, and meandering across the country together experiencing the beautiful sights along the way.

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  • Event Host: Marshall and Juanita Couch

    Marshall and Juanita Couch

    We’ve been members of the WIT Club for a long time – since 1989 – when we bought our first RV of any sort, a 35-foot 1989 Chieftain. One of Juanita’s peers at IBM wouldn’t let her get away until she promised to attend a local chapter meeting. And the rest is history, as they say. While both of us pursued careers, we were active in several local chapters as well as the state club, the NC Winnie Tarwheels, holding offices several times. As retirement approached in 1996, we planned to go full-timing and someone suggested we try going on a tour with WIT Tours. We signed up for the Heart of the Rockies Caravan in 1997 as it fit our budget as well as our time parameters, and became members of the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ tour program in 2000. Since then we have had some great travel experiences including hosting the New York City Rally in 2001 ending just days before 9/11, and hosting the NYC Rally again in 2011 – ten years later and just in time for the opening of the 9/11 Memorial. In all, we’ve hosted 34 events including 3 caravans to Alaska; 7 rallies in Branson, MO – Christmas and MILWIT; 2 caravans to the Heart of the Rockies (one as guests, and 10 years later as hosts), and 3 Great River Road Caravans. We might have hosted more events, but in the midst of all the traveling we were the Central Area Reps for the WIT Club for nearly 6 years from 1999 to 2005. We’ve met so many neat and interesting people! If we haven’t met you, we’re eager to do so on our next event! Come join us!

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  • Event Host: Jeff and Mary Everest

    Jeff and Mary Everest

    We reside in Monroe, Washington and spend winters near Phoenix, Arizona as SnowBirds. Jeff is retired from the Seattle King County Health Department where he supervised districts responsible for water, sewer, and food. Mary retired from a medical device research and development company and a manufacturing management career. Our activities include golfing, gardening, working out, and volunteering in our community. We have served as officers in our local chapter, the San Juanderers and for the Wash I Bagos. After retirement we bought our first Winnebago. Being young at heart, active, and excited to explore this land where we live, we signed up to host and tail end the Winnebago Outdoor Adventure’s caravans and adventures. We love meeting new people and have enjoyed the many friends we have made while exploring and visiting places on the fabulous itineraries offered by WIT.

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  • Event Host: Don and Cathy Tarro

    Don and Cathy Tarro

    We signed up for their first Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ caravan in 2000. We so enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay Watch Caravan that the next year we signed up for the 2001 Alaska Caravan. During the 2001 Alaska Caravan we were trained to become hosts for WIT Tours. What better caravan to train on! We have been hosts on 23 events since 2001 and always have had fun and have met a lot of friendly people. Makings RV friends and enjoying carefree sightseeing is what Winnebago Outdoor Adventures is all about.

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  • Event Host: Ed and Carolyn Loomis

    Ed and Carolyn Loomis

    We are from Waukesha, WI, and have been WIT Club members since 1993. In 2013 we received our 20 year Winnebago Wings. We started co-hosting tours for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures (formally WIT (Club) Tours) in 1995 after being a caravan participate on the 1994 Alaska Caravan. We were so impressed with how smoothly the caravan functioned and the wonderful people we met on the caravan, that we decided to become event hosts. We still remain in contact with some of the friends we met on our first caravan! We have also co-hosted on Grand Circle Caravan, the River Road Caravan, and the Atlantic Canada Caravan multiple times, plus many more Winnebago Outdoor Adventurers Caravans.

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  • Event Host: Andy and Jeanie Bienvenu

    Andy and Jeanie Bienvenu

    Andy and Jeanie have been with the WIT Club since 1981. Andy retired from the oil industry, and Jeanie is a retired first grade teacher. Both Andy and Jeanie have held nearly every office in their local chapter and state club. Introduced to WIT by Andy’s parents, we bought our first motorhome: an Itasca Minnie (that’s why we have an “I” number). It was a natural that we would join the local chapter and state club and have been active members of both ever since. In the early 2000’s we began getting more and more involved in activities up at GNR and Forest City. We held offices in the International Association of Winnebago State Presidents Club, helped in various positions at GNR, began assisting at WIT Tours rallies in our area, cooking for groups as they came through the area and helping to find activities for rallies and caravans. We then trained as hosts and tailenders. After Andy retired in 2006 we began hosting and tailending several WIT tour caravans including Atlantic Canada, Alaska, Heart of the Rockies and the Great River Road, all while Jeanie was still teaching. In 2010, after Jeanie retired we were honored to be named WIT Club Reps. We served as Reps for the Western area (defined at that time as all states west of the Mississippi River and Canada) for the next 3 ½ years. After re-retiring as Reps we are happy to return to Winnebago Outdoor Adventures and are excited to travel again with the many WIT Club members who take part in our caravans and adventures and are looking forward to traveling with lots of old friends and making many new friends along the way!!!

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  • Event Host: Dick and Dell Warner

    Dick and Dell Warner

    We have been WIT Club members for 25 years and have been in the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures' tour program for 15 years . We have served our local club as president for 2 terms and as V.P. of the Florida State club. We have participated in 12 events as tailenders in the tour program and look forward to serving our guests and working with the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures' office and program staff members on future events.

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  • Event Host: Don and Merith Cowden

    Don and Merith Cowden

    Don has been an RVer for 20+ years. Merith has been RVing for 15 years. Between the two of them they have owned 7 different Winnebago/Itasca motorhomes. Don and Marilyn hosted many WIT Tour events before she passed away in 2004. In 2005 Merith and Don met and got married. By the Fall of 2006, they were back in the program. Since that time they have hosted or participated in 15 events. Christmas in Branson, 2014 will be their 16th. In 2015 they are scheduled to host the Lewis & Clark Event. They were both educators during their working lives. Don in Kansas City, MO area and Merith in So. St. Paul, MN. Retirement has found them keeping busy with a variety of activities. They currently live in Yuma, AZ during the winter months. Summer finds them traveling to cooler climates when not hosting WOA Events. When not on the road in their motorhome, you may find them ATVing, keeping up their rock yard, on the golf course or each working in his or her own shop at home. As hosts in the WOA/WIT Tours Program, we have enjoyed the opportunity to meet many great RVing people and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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  • Event Host: Pete and Shirlene Cozzitorto

    Pete and Shirlene Cozzitorto

    Pete and Shirlene were married in 2012 after both losing their spouses. They had been friends for many years through the WIT motorhome club in Oklahoma. Pete was transplanted from Italy, and Shirlene is a pure Central Oklahoman born on the farm her Grandfather made the land run for. Between them, we had 9 sons. 5 for Pete and 4 for Shirlene. Both of their families were involved with the boy scouts for many years. Pete was raised on a farm in California, and after the service he moved to San Jose and was employed with the school district for 20 years. Later on he worked for the U.S.P.S. for 25 years working with the equipment that sends your mail to the right direction etc. Shirlene worked at various office jobs, opened a quilt shop, then catered and baked wedding cakes for about 18 years. She also helped her previous husband with his construction business. They both have been involved with traveling for many years. Shirlene worked with Winnebago Tours for several years with her husband as tailenders. Pete volunteered to work with Shirlene when she wanted to get back to what she loved to do, helping people have fun and showing them this beautiful country we live in.

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  • Event Host: Dick and Marcia Liddiard

    Dick and Marcia Liddiard

    Dick and Marcia Liddiard are from Boonville, New York. They have been camping since 1974, have owned four Winnebago products, and have been members of the WIT Club since 1993. Before retiring Dick worked as a Highway Supervisor on the New York State Thruway and Marcia worked as a nurse in a clinic for the developmentally disabled. They joined the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures tour staff in 2004 and have thoroughly enjoyed the events they have been hosts and tailenders on. They have met many friendly and happy RV owners and have made many life-long friends they keep in touch with. When not traveling, they are busy with their seven grandchildren and their many activities. Marcia enjoys cooking, especially her famous fudge for caravan guests, and making some crafts. Dick enjoys fishing, hunting and gardening.

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  • Event Host: Steve and Connie Pacheco

    Steve and Connie Pacheco

    Before buying our first motorhome we sailed our 30 foot Pearson and were involved in the US Power Squadron. Steve helped with the educational activities, and we both held the Commander position at different times. We purchased our first motorhome in 2007 and joined WIT and our Rhode Island Club. We enjoyed many campouts and activities in Rhode Island and held VP and President offices while in RI. We moved to Tennessee in 2011 and joined our local chapter and club at that time. Connie has been Newsletter Editor for both the Rhode Winnies and the Rocky Top Travelers. Steve has been VP and President of the NetWIT Special Interest Group. We have supported WIT activities at GNR as part of the registration and parking staff. In 2014, we purchased a new Solei 34T motorhome. We have traveled to almost all of the lower 48 states since 2007 and look forward to visiting new places at every opportunity. We have been on a number of WOA caravans and rallies and have enjoyed every one of them. Our experiences on these events encouraged us to join the WOA program, training as both Host and Tail-Enders. Our goal on all of our events is to ensure that everyone has a great experience and makes new friends.

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  • Event Host: Dudley and Jodie Loomis

    Dudley and Jodie Loomis

    Dudley and Jodie Loomis have been with the WOA program since 2008. They trained initially as Tailenders but are now qualified to perform all Event Staff functions. Dudley and Jodie purchased their first Winnebago in 1998 and have transitioned through 4 different coaches. They enjoy the fellowship and making of new RV friends during their travels. Dudley grew up in Emporia, KS on a farm. He was employed at the Boeing Company in Seattle, WA for 33 years as manager of computer systems. Hobbies are fast cars, computer systems repair, and golf. Jodie grew up in Colorado and California. She worked for the Boeing Company for 22 years in both technical and management jobs. She has background in finance and computer systems. Extremely crafty – enjoys quilting, scrap booking, card making, and especially enjoys golf and traveling.

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  • Event Host: Bob and Marilyn Beardsall

    Bob and Marilyn Beardsall

    Bob and Marilyn have been hosts with the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ tour program since 1997. After experiencing 2 tours with Winnebago Outdoor Adventures, they decided they would enjoy becoming involved with the tour program. Since then they have been on many tours and enjoy meeting all the guests. "You cannot put into words the amount of fun you have and all the people you meet. Driving our Winnebago has certainly been a pleasure. Hoping to meet you on a Winnebago Outdoor Adventure Caravan down the road."

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  • Event Host: Ed and Jan Bogard

    Ed and Jan Bogard

    Ed and Jan have been Tailenders and Event Hosts for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures (formerly WIT Club Tours) since 2002. Their first experience with caravans and rallies was as a guest in 2001 on the Alaska Caravan. You will find them volunteering at the Front Gate during GNR. They enjoy meeting new event participants and reconnecting with guests from previous caravans and rallies.

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  • Event Host: Erik and Jane Ward

    Erik and Jane Ward

    We have had Winnebago motor homes since 1978 and are now on our 6th one. We joined WIT in 2001 and have been active with our local chapter, the Sanjuanderers, with Jane as treasurer, and Erik as president, also at the state level with Erik as president of Wash-I-Bagos. Erik spent 43 years working for Boeing Space and Defense and Jane worked as a housewife raising our three sons, we've lived in Kirkland Washington for 45 years and both retired in 2009. We are now more active with our Winnebago family and joined the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ tour team in 2013 as trainees on the Alaska caravan and worked as tailenders on the 2014 Alaska caravan. Our interests are wintering in Arizona with our motorhome where we golf and participate in activities with our many friends. While at home we are still active with our WIT chapter and try to find time for our golf hobby and a hotrod hobby. We have really enjoyed making friends with people that we have met in either wit activities and WOA activities.

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  • Gary Petersen

    Gary is a retired U.S. Air Force survival/rescue instructor. While in the Air Force he took night classes and after retiring went back to college, finishing his degree. Working a 2nd career allowed him to retire again in 2014. His 1st camping vehicle was a rented tent camper in 1969. Owning several camping trailers and a 5th wheel over the years, he upgraded to a Winnebago Voyage motorhome. Gary is now a full time RVer and the Winnebago is home. His first Caravan was the Grand Circle in 2009. After several caravans/adventures, he trained as a tail-ender on the Up State New York Caravan in 2015. His relaxation: helping on his cousin’s farm, volunteering with Habitat for Humanities, spoiling grand kids on both the east and west coast and occasionally photography, biking, hiking and golfing.

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  • Event Host: Perry and Charlene McCart

    Perry and Charlene McCart

    Perry and Charlene have been involved with the WIT Club since 2001, initially in California, and in Oregon since 2004, holding numerous Chapter and State Club offices, currently State Club President and Treasurer respectively. They have enjoyed participating on the Alaska Caravan in 2009, the Atlantic Canada Caravan in 2011, and Puerto Penasco in 2007 & 2008. They received their Event Host training on the Great River Road Caravan in 2013. Perry and Charlene were Event Hosts for the initial Oregon Coast Caravan and the Redwood Trees of California in June 2014, and had the privilege of providing the research information enabling Winnebago Outdoor Adventures to create the caravan. Perry’s working experiences included positions in Product Sales, Product Marketing and Sales management, while Charlene worked in Retail Sales, Financial Planning and Income Tax preparation, in addition to spending time as a stay at home mother. They look forward to leading folks to explore the Oregon Coast and California Redwoods in 2015.

  • Event Host: Tony and Barbara Booth

    Tony and Barbara Booth

    Tony and Barbara Booth are from Hot Springs Village, AR and have been members of the WIT Club since 1998. They have been members of the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ Tour Program since 2003 and have been on 19 events.

  • Event Host: Pam Urbatsch

    Pam Urbatsch

    Winnebago Outdoor Adventures Administrator Pam has been Tour Administrator for Winnebago Outdoor Adventures (formerly WIT Club Tours), since 1988, and has been instrumental in the growth of the tour program from 9 events in 1988 to 23 events in 2015, and the development of the Event Host Tour Program. Pam is responsible for creating exciting and memorable tours not only for WIT Club members, but for anyone who owns a self-contained towable or RV product. During the Grand National Rally you can find her in the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures’ Tour Tent providing information, answering questions and taking tour reservations. Pam enjoys the challenge of creating new events resulting in an unforgettable fun-filled experience for our guests and looks forward to working with you and hearing your memorable stories.

  • Event Host: Melissa Kearney

    Melissa Kearney

    Winnebago Outdoor Adventures Administrator Melissa started her career with Winnebago Industries in the Sales Department and joined the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures team in late 2013. Melissa is based in Forest City, Iowa and is responsible for planning many of the events. One of the most exciting challenges her first year on the job was planning the first ever Tree Town Music Adventure right here on the Winnebago Rally Grounds. Her favorite part of the job is when she gets the chance to meet guests and hear stories of the trips they’ve taken. When not at work, she enjoys family time with her husband and three, very busy, young boys.